Online Volunteer Registration/Form

We have to verify that all volunteers are Virtues trained and have a current Criminal Background Check. This process takes a few days. 

Please pray for students, chaperones, priests and volunteers!


MANY Adult Protocol Trained Volunteers are needed. A volunteer is 18 years and older who is not with a group of students or registered as a chaperone. This retreat is a closed event and only verified volunteers can join us.

VOLUNTEER Opportunities Include:
1. Meals & Snacks
2. Adoration
3. Stage & Support – Set Up, Luggage Delivery, Registration, Spot Light, Confession and Tear Down
4. Seminarians and Guest Speakers


Volunteers who attend The Presence Kalamazoo are required to:
1. Complete the VIRTUS™ program
2. Have a Criminal Background Check on record with a parish in the last 5 years.

VIRTUS™ program

The VIRTUS™ program “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” is used to train employees and volunteers to prevent child sexual abuse.

To locate a VIRTUS™ Protecting God’s Children for Adults training session click here: Protecting Gods Children Awareness Sessions

Criminal Background Check

Please go to your parish office to request a Criminal Background Check. You will need to provide current ID.